A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Term 2 has come to an end and we have worked through some of the most extraordinary times experienced in any of our schooling lives. I would like to thank the school community, the staff and the students for their cooperation and support through this time.

Can I also thank the 200 families who responded to the survey this week which has enabled us to consider retaining the procedures for drop off and pick up of students. This, along with the Phase 4 & 5 changes, will provide parents with the best options for their families and at the same time support the school community to avoid traffic issues as best we can. Please read the Term 3 update that will be issued through Message U tomorrow outlining options. It is important to take note that school will be returning to the regular school day with start siren at 8:30am and a finish time of 2:30pm.
I was also very pleased to read the very positive messages sent by the majority of our community. It is heartening to be able to congratulate staff on a job well done. THANK YOU.

Term 3 will be an exciting time with sports carnivals and assemblies returning to the term planner. There are also 2 School Development Days scheduled so please take note of these dates, Week 1, Monday July 20 and Week 5, Friday August 21 as students do not attend on these days.
Student reports have been emailed for the first time at Leda PS. Due to Covid-19 this semester’s reports have been modified with no grades reported. Grades are a requirement for the Semester 2 reports at the end of the year.

Please have an enjoyable and safe two week holiday period.

Kind regards,
Mrs Knight