Leda Primary School uniforms are only available from LOWES at Rockingham Shopping Centre.


This means: 

  • convenience, convenience, convenience !!
  • Uniforms will be available 7 days a week (including school holidays)
  • Uniforms can be ordered online
  • Uniforms can be put on Layby
  • Uniforms can be purchased using EFTPOS facilities.
  • When LOWES have a sale the uniforms will be on sale.  Layby also available on sale days.
  • If uniforms do not fit after layby finalised, they can be swapped for bigger size at no extra charge. 


LOWES WILL NOT be supplying school hats.  Black Leda PS reversible bucket hats with faction colour - $11, are ONLY AVAILABLE from the front office.


UNIFORM PRICE LIST as at February 2020


School Uniform and Dress Code



Uniforms 2017